Compartmentalise Your Thinking

Compartmentalise Your Thinking

The experienced mountain climber has a clear vision of the goal – to reach the peak of the mountain. ... READ MORE

Doctrine of the Easy

Doctrine of the Easy

Whilst hitting a drive is the same ‘physical’ task, it’s clear the ‘psychological’ task is very different. ... READ MORE

How to utilize performance data to gain a competitive edge

How to utilize performance data to gain a competitive edge

By Hamish Mitchell and Jonathan Wallett ... READ MORE

Roger Federer

Which Game Do you Play?

Do not focus on your weaknesses. Instead, focus on all areas and look to make progress in each. It’s about building a PLAN and PROCESSES to SCORE LOWER. ... READ MORE

The Hierarchy ofElite Player Learning - Jonathan Wallett

The Hierarchy ofElite Player Learning

Many players have a burning desire to play and perform at a higher level than they are currently playing. But how to make this transition and accelerate your progress? ... READ MORE

Try Hard

Try hard?

Critically, ‘trying hard’ comes from a position of lacking belief. ... READ MORE

Concepts for success

Concepts for Success

The first step to success is having the RIGHT CONCEPTS. This is the soil on which to grow your golf game. ... READ MORE

Taichi Kho

Look under the Hood

To be the best player you can be it’s a fusion of technical competence, champion mindset and building personalised systems for success ... READ MORE

David Howell Jonathan Wallett

Confidence – the Magic Potion for Success

Working hard often does not bring improved results - Confidence is critical ... READ MORE

Nicolai Hojgaard

Vicarious Experience – the fertiliser for Player Growth

The Hojgaard twins have become the first brothers to win in successive weeks on the European Tour. Is this just coincidence? ... READ MORE