Compartmentalise Your Thinking

Fri, Sep 2nd, 2022
Compartmentalise Your Thinking Compartmentalise Your Thinking

The experienced mountain climber has a clear vision of the goal – to reach the peak of the mountain. He has a plan on how to ascend the mountain. But his total focus in on where to place the NEXT PEG.

It’s exactly the same for a successful Tournament Player – the vision is to have a good score, and then a game plan on how best to achieve that. But the total focus needs to be on the NEXT SHOT.

And the toughest part of this is psychologically to be totally present on the next shot with ZERO BAGGAGE. So you may have missed a short putt on the previous green, but you must approach the current putt with TOTAL CONFIDENCE. You may have hit your last tee shot in the trees but you must approach the current tee shot believing it could be the BEST SHOT OF THE ROUND.

You have to be OPEN that GREAT THINGS CAN HAPPEN at anytime in the round. Not putting on labels like ‘I can’t get the speed of the greens today’, or ‘I’m hitting the ball left off the tee today’, ‘I can’t hole a putt’ etc. Once a label has been established in your mind, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and you’ll play out that label in your game.

Compartmentalise Your ThinkingI say to the players in our ECGA TOUR TEAM, that focus is the vehicle for outstanding performance. To have DEEP FOCUS, you must be totally absorbed in the present moment, immersed in your TASKS – exactly like the Mountain Climber.

Next time you play or compete, focus only on the ‘NEXT PEG’. Put your total attention on the HERE and NOW, and carry the attitude that the next shot could be potentially the BEST SHOT EVER. Keep doing this shot by shot, peg by peg, and when you look back after time, you will be surprised at how far you have travelled and what you have achieved.

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