New Year, New Vision and Why Goals can be Harmful

Tue, Dec 29th, 2020
Seve as a boy Seve as a boy

The birth of all great achievements starts in the mind - you first have to conceive it before you can achieve it. The great Seve Ballesteros once said that his success formula which he applied ever since winning the Caddy championship as a 13 year old in Pedrena is easy and simple - 'Visualize what you want to achieve, then surround this picture with belief and with smart committed work it will happen’. Interestingly the greatest athlete of the twentieth century, Mohammed Ali, cited exactly the same success formula.  Coincidence?

Why Goals are Harmful

I feel many players make the mistake of ‘goal setting’. I think for many players this not only does not help, but actually hurts them, as these ‘goals’ can turn into expectations. I prefer players to work with a VISION, and then to define what the VISION is for OK, GOOD and GREAT. Take the example of a young Tour Player having the ‘goal’ of winning a tour event in 2021. What happens if they then win in January? The goal very quickly becomes irrelevant. But let’s imagine they have the VISION in 2021, of OK being top 100, GOOD being qualifying for the RTD (top 60) and GREAT winning a tournament. You can see there is now a much greater bandwidth and that this VISION is much more motivating.

Water Your VISION Daily

Whilst setting out a VISION with OK, GOOD and GREAT at the beginning of the season is a productive exercise to do, you then need to water this vision DAILY. That means visualising achieving your vision and creating a clear mental picture on the inside of being successful. David Beckham went to sleep staring at a poster of the Manchester Utd football team, and every night he visualised himself on that team photo. After committed smart work, he eventually became a Manchester United football player. Coincidence?

In the last 20 years I have worked almost exclusively in elite golf, and during that time I have seen many talented players who are committed and work hard. But I often see the 'headless chicken' approach - whereby they train hard both on the range and the gym, but they lack a strong inner VISION, and an internal picture of success. My advice to you is to work on building that mental picture of success, just as hard as you would work on developing your physiology in the gym. For our players we have systems for success that enables them to develop a deeper inner vision, which in turn can create a gravitational pull to achieving their VISION.

Ladder up wallFrom the VISION to the PLAN

After the VISON, comes the PLAN. You need to understand what your dealbreakers to success are, the key processes, the potential obstacles in the way and how you might overcome these obstacles. You need to know what are the key measurables, i.e. How are you going to measure your daily and weekly progress?

This is where Elite Coaching can really make a difference. We have certified coaches in over 26 countries around the globe, or there are options below to work directly with Jonathan Wallett. We can assist you define your VISION, and then work through to develop a detailed roadmap, i.e. the PLAN, to get you there. Then we can keep you ACCOUNTABLE to your plan on a weekly and monthly basis. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting a different result. Make 2021 the best golfing year of your career, and start with a commitment to build an OK to GREAT vision, water this vision daily, and build a detailed PLAN of how to optimise the possibility of achieving the GREAT vison.

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