Short Game – Getting a Grip

Tue, Oct 25th, 2022
Getting a grip Getting a grip

In tennis, because different shots require different spins, the player changes grips between forehands, backhands, volleys and serves – it would be almost impossible to play each type of shot that requires different strokes to the ball, with the same grip.

Whilst at a Tour event one time, I was standing by the short game area waiting for  a player to arrive, and I was observing some players practice, and started to notice how with different types of shots, not only the address position changes but the shaft position and the way their hands were placed on the club.

I started to experiment with different grips for different shots – it was transformational. It was so much easier to change sole-turf interaction, so much easier to control trajectory and spins, and so much easier to play different shots from different lies. It was a eureka moment.

In this video, I outline different grips for different shots, but use this just as a rough guide. The most important piece of advice, is to experiment and explore and then from this to develop a concrete structure to give you confidence that whatever shot you face, you have the skill – and the grip – to execute just as you need to.

Click HERE to view the Video SHORT GAME video GETTTING A GRIP

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