Tour Player Practice System
- The keys to building a tournament tough game

Why do some players who practise a lot longer and harder than other players then score worse during tournaments?

Is the player who practises the most going to be the winner?

Discover the 5 golden rules of practising, and learn to apply them

Learn to make your practise motivating and stimulating

Learn to how to create the optimal practise programme for you

This system outlines key training concepts, and gives many ideas to make your practice stimulating and competitive. One of my mentors, PGA Tour Psychology expert Dr Patrick Cohn says, “Quality practice is focused, goal orientated practice. If you practice the wrong way, you just get good at the wrong thing”. The problem is, there are many players who ‘hope’ to play better. Their ‘vehicle’ for success is this ‘hope’. This workbook and system will take you through the process of developing your own structured training program in order to achieve your own specific training objectives. The workbook is packed with lots of drills and practise exercises to make your practise more motivating and stimulating.

Tour Player Practice System
Ben Hogan

“All my tournament victories came in practice - build a great game through your practice and then the rest will follow.”

“Quality practice is focused, goal orientated practice. If you practice the wrong way, you just get good at the wrong thing”
Dr Patrick Cohn

Ray Floyd

158 pages Canadian Bound in full colour, with A6 Practice Folder, a USB with over 20 videos and all coming in a high quality presentation box making it the ideal gift for the serious golfer.

Players invest hundreds and thousands on equipment and travelling to tournament’s but this practice system will assist you build skills that will have more impact on your game than any new putter or wedge!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to build a motivating and stimulating practice program – a system that will assist you build competitive confidence so you can score lower and accelerate your progress

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