Performance Workbooks

These workbooks provide a mixture of information followed by exercises to help you apply the information to your own game. They are aimed at elite level players and cost less than the price of a new putter or wedge, but have the potential to be game changers to assist you lower your score.

"Jon’s workbooks are great – I can’t recommend them highly enough – it’s exactly the sort of information and strategies you need to know but no-one talks about"
David Howell – 2 time Ryder Cup and winner and over 15 million euros in Career earnings

"Jon’s workbooks provide a step by step platform to help players build the critical skills to succeed on Tour"
Oliver Wilson – Ryder Cup Player and 2014 Dunhill Links Trophy Champion

Pathway to the Tour

This workbook gives players a blueprint on the critical keys to building a Tour Career. This is the latest workbook and is written after 10 years direct experience of working on the European Tour.

Purposeful Practice workbook

Tournament Play

This workbook is an A to Z of the tournament and management skills every golfer must master if they aspire for a career in professional golf. 180 pages with 27 practical exercises to assist you develop your tournament skills to develop the art of scoring lower Tournament Day

Tournament Play workbook

Building Belief and Confidence

This workbook helps the player understand the key concepts of belief and confidence and how these are a deal-breaker in the quest for sustained tournament success. 170 pages with 30 practical exercises to improve your belief and confidence.

Tournament Play workbook

Cocoon Concentration

This workbook outlines the importance and the role focus and concentration plays in the pursuit of peak performance. 144 pages with 20 practical exercises to develop your Focus and Concentration.

Tournament Play workbook

Tour Player Practice System

This is a practice system containing workbook, videos and a practice folder to assist every player build their own personalised practice program that is stimulating and competitive. 158 page workbook, A6 practice folder with Tour drills and USB with over 20 videos.

Tour Player Practice System

Creating Your Inner Vision

This workbook takes you through the step by step process of turning your dreams into manageable goals. 88 pages with 14 practical exercises.

Creating Your Inner Vision workbook